New Scheduled Task
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In order to create a new scheduled task you should:

1.Right click on the program's tray icon(which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) to select Show tasks list on the pop-up menu then get it:

2.Click the New button. In the following window, please, fill in all properties you would like to set.

It can be set to one of the following values:

Task Title
. The scheduled task title.

. The scheduled task will be fired evrey day.

. The scheduled task will be fired only at specified date.

. Suppose that we set the scheduled task time to 20:35 on the 9th day. So, this scheduled task will be fired at 20:35 on the 9th day of every month.

. The scheduled task will be fired every year on the specified date at the specified time. For example, Mum's birthday.

Suppose that we set the scheduled task time to 19:04 on Friday. So, this scheduled task will be fired at 19:04 every Friday.

     Start Time is the time when you want the scheduled task to be launched.

     Reminder When a schedule task start time is up a countdown message will be poped to remind you.

    What to do indicates the way you want Auto Power-on & Shut-down to do of this scheduled task. There are some possible choices:
Power on (Resume from the lowest sleep state your system can be waked up, d epend on the wake-up ability of the hardware, this state can be stand-by or hibernation.)
Shut down
Lock session
Stand by
Log off
Close monitor
Clear Up
Back Up
Keyboard/Mouse macro
Launch Program
Terminate Process
Open a file (such as mp3, wma, wav, midi, rm, flash etc.)
Open URL
Update schedule (You can update the client computer schedule from a http server, please export your schedule to put it on a http server at first.)
Show message

3.If you selected a countdown time reminder, when the task start time is up the reminder window will be popped such as the following:

That has three buttons:
Immediately: Start the scheduled task immediately not whether the countdown time has not finished.
Wait >>: Click this button to delay for some time.
Pass: Cancel the scheduled task and close this reminder message.

If you ignore or click the top right corner close button to close this reminder message then the scheduled task will be fired over the countdown time is up.